NISSAN Injection Nozzle

NISSAN Injection Nozzle from China
NISSAN Injection Nozzle

ET NO. Nozzle holder assembly Part number MFR number Application
ETNS-IN001 0 432 193 553 1660069T62 NISSAN Injection Nozzle
ETNS-IN002 0 432 217 308 166002J610 NISSAN Primera 2.0 Diesel Turbo
ETNS-IN003 105101-5460 1660001T01 NISSAN Injection Nozzle
ETNS-IN004 105100-6160 16600T9301 NISSAN DIESEL FD33
ETNS-IN005 105100-6300 16600T9302 NISSAN DIESLE FD33
ETNS-IN006 105100-6820 1660090064 NISSAN DIESEL FD33
ETNS-IN007 105100-6830 16600T9303 NISSAN DIESEL FD33
ETNS-IN008 105101-5150 1660090066 NISSAN DIESEL FD33
ETNS-IN009 105101-5380 1660001T00 NISSAN DIESEL FD35
ETNS-IN010 105101-5590 1660001T02 NISSAN DIESEL FD35
ETNS-IN011 105101-5591 1660001T04 NISSAN DIESEL FD35
ETNS-IN012 105101-5690 1660001T20 NISSAN DIESEL FD35
ETNS-IN013 105101-5780 1660001T03 NISSAN DIESEL FD35
ETNS-IN014 105101-6640 1660090069 NISSAN DIESEL FD33
ETNS-IN015 105148-1420 166000F020 NISSAN TD27T
ETNS-IN016 105148-1120 1660043G02 NISSAN DIESEL TD23
ETNS-IN017 105148-1121 1660043G03 NISSAN DIESEL TD23
ETNS-IN018 105148-1150 1660043G21 NISSAN DIESEL AD1
ETNS-IN019 105148-1151 1660043G23 NISSAN DIESEL AD1
ETNS-IN020 105148-1201 1660090102 NISSAN DIESEL TD42
ETNS-IN021 105148-1221 1660063G01 NISSAN DIESEL TD27T
ETNS-IN022 105148-1261 166000F000 NISSAN DIESEL TD27T
ETNS-IN023 105148-1340 1660009D60 NISSAN DIESEL TD42T1
ETNS-IN024 105148-1630 1660063G21 NISSAN DIESEL TD27T
ETNS-IN025 105118-4780 1660054T00 NISSAN DIESEL BD2
ETNS-IN026 105118-4910 1660054T01 NISSAN DIESEL BD2
ETNS-IN027 105118-5780 1660090074 NISSAN DIESEL BD30
ETNS-IN028 105118-6160 166000T681 NISSAN DIESEL BD30
ETNS-IN029 105118-6520 1660090105 NISSAN DIESEL BD30T
ETNS-IN030 105118-6990 16600NA000 NISSAN DIESEL BD30T
ETNS-IN031 105110-7150   NISSAN DIESEL D0XA
ETNS-IN033 105118-6410 1660019D01 NISSAN DIESEL FD46T1
ETNS-IN034 105118-6470 1600019D02 NISSAN DIESEL FD46T1
ETNS-IN035 105118-6630 1660031D00 NISSAN DIESEL FD46T1

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