MITSUBISHI Injection Nozzle

MITSUBISHI Injection Nozzle from China
MITSUBISHI Injection Nozzle

ET NO. Nozzle holder assembly Part number MFR number Application
ETMT-IN001 105118-4590 3436101020 MITSUBISHI HEAV S6K
ETMT-IN002 105118-4620 3436101010 MITSUBISHI HEAV S6K
ETMT-IN003 105118-4920 3676105080 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4F
ETMT-IN004 105118-4921 3676105081 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4F
ETMT-IN005 105118-5210 3436111010 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4K-T
ETMT-IN006 105118-5300 3436102010 MITSUBISHI HEAV S6K
ETMT-IN007 105118-5301 3436102011 MITSUBISHI HEAV S6K
ETMT-IN008 105118-6011 3436103011 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4K
ETMT-IN009 105118-6450 3436103020 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4K
ETMT-IN010 105118-6760 3436103030 MITSUBISHI HEAV S6K-T
ETMT-IN011 105118-6940 3436106080 MITSUBISHI HEAV S4K

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