DEUTZ 64KW Diesel Generator Set(50HZ)

DEUTZ 64kw Diesel Generator Set from China
DEUTZ 64KW Diesel Generator Set(50HZ)

Engine of DEUTZ EDG64 Diesel Generator Set(50HZ)

Model TD226B-6D
Type Water-cooled, four stroke, in-line, direct injection
No.of cyliner 6
Bore X Stroke (mm) 105×120
Ttl. Displacement (L) 6.23
Induction system Turbocharged
Rated output (KW) 90KW
Rated speed (rpm) 1500
Fuel consumption (g/kw.h) ≤208
Cooling method water-cooled with radiator
Starting method D.C.12V or 24V Electric starting

Alternator of DEUTZ EDG64 Diesel Generator Set(50HZ)

Model (Stamford) UCI224G
Rated power 64KW
Rated voltage 380/220V, 400/230V, 220V, 230V etc.
Rated current According to the selected voltage and phase
Rated frequency 50HZ
Rated speed (rpm) 1500
Power factor 1 for single phase/0.8 lagging for 3-phase
Phase connection 1-phase or 3-phase
Winding connection 3 or 4 -wire connected(12-wire for 3-phase)
Excitation method Brushless
Insulation class H
Voltage regulation AVR

DEUTZ EDG64  Diesel Generator Set(50HZ)

Continuous output of generator set  64KW
CONTROL PANEL V-meter, A-meter, Frequency meter, circuit breaker, transfer switch, temp.and pressure gauges, indicating lamp, hour meter, key starter, etc.
NET WET (kg / Silent type) 1180
NET  WET (kg / Open type) 1090
PACKING SIZE (m / Silent type) 2.3*1.1*1.3
PACKING SIZE (m / Open type) 1.93*0.75*1.14

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