CCEC&DCEC Oil Cooler

Cummins genuine Oil Cooler
CCEC&DCEC Oil Cooler

ET No. Part No. Part Name
ETCM-OC001 C3284170 DCEC Oil Cooler Cover
ETCM-OC002 A3921557 DCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC003 A3921558 DCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC004 C3918175 DCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC005 C3957543 DCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC006 C3957544 DCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC007 C3960067 DCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC008 C3966365 DCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC009 C3974815 DCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC010 A3960317 Oil Cooler Core Gasket
ETCM-OC011 C3918174 Oil Cooler Core Gasket
ETCM-OC012 C3942914 Oil Cooler Core Gasket
ETCM-OC013 C4895742 Oil Cooler Core Gasket
ETCM-OC014 C4932124 Oil Cooler Core Gasket
ETCM-OC015 D3918174 Oil Cooler Core Gasket
ETCM-OC016 C3929011 Oil Cooler Seat Gasket
ETCM-OC017 D3929011 Oil Cooler Seat Gasket
ETCM-OC018 C4934217 Oil Cooler Seat ASSY
ETCM-OC019 C4934218 Oil Cooler Seat ASSY
ETCM-OC020 Z3900634 Oil Cooler Seat ASSY
ETCM-OC021 3018697-20 Oil Cooler Bracket
ETCM-OC022 3053393-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC023 3165341-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC024 3201155-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC025 3260651-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC026 3635074-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC027 4061161-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC028 4061462-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC029 4915285-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC030 4975879-20 CCEC Oil Cooler
ETCM-OC031 3201157-20 CCEC Oil Cooler Assy
ETCM-OC032 3412285 CCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC033 4095096-20 CCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC034 4095097-20 CCEC Oil Cooler Core
ETCM-OC035 3090144-20 CCEC Oil Cooler Cover
ETCM-OC036 3090241-20 CCEC Oil Cooler Cover
ETCM-OC037 3085955-20 CCEC Oil Cooler Shell
ETCM-OC038 3250955-20 Oil Cooler Bracket


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