ISF3.8s4168 Diesel Engine for Vehicle

CUMMINS ISF3.8s4168 Diesel Engine for Vehicle from China
CUMMINS ISF3.8s4168 Diesel Engine for Vehicle

General of CUMMINS  ISF3.8s4168 Diesel Engine for Vehicle

Engine Model CUMMINS  ISF3.8s4168
Cylinders 4
Type 4 cylinder in-line
Displacement 3.76L
Bore*Stroke 102*115mm
Net Weight 335KG
Engine Type Bosch high pressure common rai, High-pressure fuel injection, SCR
Size 810*695*806mm

Technical Specification of CUMMINS ISF3.8s4168 Diesel Engine for Vehicle

Max Output 125KW
Horsepower 168HP
Certification Euro/China III
Aspiration Turbocharged/Aftercooled
Torque 600N.m
Peak Torque/ Speed (N.m/r/min 1700
No-load highest speed(r/min) 2950
Idling Speed(r/min) 750
Compression Ratio 17.2
Rated Speed 2600RPM

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