CUMMINS 20kw Diesel Generator Set for landuse

CUMMINS 20kw Diesel Engine Generator Set from China
Cummins 20kw Diesel Generator Set for Landuse

Engine of Cummins E20GL Diesel Generator Set for Landuse

Engine model DCEC Cummins  4B3.9-G1/2
No. of cylinders 4(in-line)
Displacement(L) 3.9
Induction system natural inflow 
Combustion system A type fuel pump
Bore*Stroke(mm) 102*120
Compression ratio 16.5:1
Rated speed(rpm) 1500
Maximum power(KW/HP) 27/36.7 
speed control system Mechanical/Elelectrical speed governor
exhaust smoke level(m³/min) 4.27
Exhaust temperature(°C) 410
Maxium exhaust back pressure(kPa) 10
Air consumption(m³/min) 1.98
Air flow(m³/min) 136
100% load fuel consumption(L/H) 6
The total capacity of oil(L) 10.9
Oil consumption(g/kwh) ≤4
Oil sump capacity(L) 9.5
Rated oil pressure(kPa) 345
Coolant capacity
(engine and radiator)(L)
Thermostat opening temperature(°C) 82-95
Maximum water temperature(°C) 104

Alternator of Cummins E20GL Diesel Generator Set for Landuse

Alternator model(Stamford) PI 144E(20)
Alternator model(Marathon) GM-20-4
Alternator model(Engga)
Phase 3
Winding connection 4 wire 3 phase ,Y type 
Starter battery capacity(Ah) 90*2
Starter battery voltage(V) 24
No. of bearings 1
Power factor 0.8
Protection class IP23
Altitude requirement(m) ≤1000
Excitation mothod Brushless 
Steady-state voltage reguation ≤±1%
Alternator efficiency 86.20%
Transient voltage deviation(sudden power incremen) ≤-20%
Voltage stabilization time (100% sudden power reduction)(S) ≤6
Voltage stabilization time (sudden power increment) (S) ≤6
Steady-state frequency regulation ≤5%
Frequency volatility ≤1.5%
Transient frequency deviation (100% sudden power reduction) ≤+12%
Transient frequency deviation (sudden power increment) ≤-10%
Frequency recovery time(100% sudden power reduction)(S) ≤5
Frequency recovery time (sudden power increment)(S) ≤5

Cummins E20GL Diesel Generator Set for Landuse

Model E20GL
Continous output(50Hz) 20KW/25KVA
Standby output(50Hz) 22KW/28KVA
Rated frequency(Hz) 50/60
Open type external dimension of base fuel tank(mm) 1860*740*1250
Net weight(kg) 840
Silent type external dimension(mm) 2230*1060*1680
Weight(kg) 1300

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