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AMT transmission

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AMT transmission, also known as automatic transmission, which is electronically controlled mechanical automatic transmission for short. It is the dry clutch and gear transmission based on the installation of computer-controlled automatic transmission system.
The basic situation:
      Automatic transmission (AMT) according to vehicle speed, throttle, the driver commands and other engine parameters, to determine the best gear, manual control of the original completed by the driver with clutch engagement, the pick gear shift lever and the engine with the throttle open Guadang regulation, and the degree of synchronous operation, and ultimately shift the manipulation of the process automation. AMT maintains the basic structure of the original mechanical transmission, the more commonly used imports AT (automatic transmission torque converter) with high transmission efficiency, compact, low cost, easy to manufacture, reliable and easy to manipulate, etc., especially The fuel-efficient features for our big, Pakistan and truck applications.
The process of moving the vehicle, the computer software program according to the settings, real-time acquisition speed, engine speed and torque, current engine gear and the driver operable handle, accelerator pedal and clutch pedal signals.
      Through the acquisition of signal processing and judgments, the computer can sense real-time vehicle status, given the current goal of driving the best gear. Need to shift, the shift instruction issued by the computer and received through the CAN bus control engine oil, the engine speed to achieve the target control value.
      After the engine oil revenues, the computer controlled clutch solenoid valve is powered by high-pressure gas line open, the clutch actuator cylinder piston in the clutch under the action of compressed air, in the process, the computer real-time monitoring of the clutch, and ensure complete separation of the clutch, interrupt transmission power.
      After the target according to want to change into a different gear, the computer has control of the actuator mounted on the selected shift gear selection and shift solenoid valve solenoid valve energized, open a different way and to control the corresponding high-pressure gas cylinder moves in order to achieve election engine gear, and shift movements. Shift is completed, computer-controlled clutch solenoid valve to the clutch actuator cylinder gases, combined with the engine clutch slowly.
      Finally, restore the engine through the CAN bus control oil. The control process be completed within 2 seconds, and the driver had no power interruption and resumption of feeling.
      Commercial vehicle load variation range, poor working conditions, complex conditions. To ensure driving safety, AMT system retains the clutch pedal. Allows the driver at any time according to the traditional shift manual transmission shift the way. According to the driver's handle input into the target gear to ensure safety for the premise of the computer to respond to the driver's shift request, by controlling the election on the shift solenoid valve actuator to shift. Shift is completed, through the instrument on the engine gear shift display and buzzer prompt completion, the driver can be combined with the clutch.
AMT automatic transmission market
      Commercial vehicle after matching AMT meet user expectations, so widely accepted by users in foreign countries. Foreign markets, especially Europe and Japan on a heavy multi-gear transmission, AMT have a standard configuration, the market demand increases every year.
      In Europe, AMT products are very popular, the market demand increases every year, and the market for Benz and ZF products company up, used for heavy-duty multi-gear transmission, the pneumatic actuator; in the Japanese truck market, mainly in Nissan Diesel engine, Mitsubishi, Hino's AMT products; in the U.S. market, mainly in the Eaton's products.
    Foreign markets, AMT rate in the commercial vehicle loading on the increase year by year. Major companies in the AMT investment in product development is growing. Major car manufacturers have their own independent intellectual property rights of AMT products. Market, Benz, Eaton, Volvo, ZF, Nissan Diesel and the market are mature products with a higher awareness.
    In the domestic market, heavy-duty truck AMT product demand, but still blank, there is no independent research and development of AMT products on the market.

Applications on trucks
     China is the AMT transmission of the R & D, rather late, in addition to China's heavy truck HOWO A7 AMT launched its own production models are known to everyone, what other car firms have proprietary AMT transmission products?
     1.HOWO A7 using the AMT transmission
     That AMT transmission, we may first think of the mind is China's heavy truck HOWO A7, it may be an early domestic use of AMT gearbox car prices. The main body of China's heavy truck transmission independent research and development, the use of WABCO (WABCO) electronically engine controlled gearshift. Currently, such AMT transmission main has been mass production, which is the domestic use of AMT, one of the most successful car prices.
2 Fast AMT transmission
     As the transmission industry, Big Brother, Fast transmission holdings in the market is quite large, but before we can see Fast manual transmission. In April, the Shanghai Auto Show Fast and WABCO jointly issued the FAST heavy AMT transmission (F-shift), this section of its engine electronic control transmission shift AMT institutions by WABCO (WABCO) for the FAST heavy AMT transmission tailor development. According to Xiao Bian understand that this section has not yet appeared in the domestic transmission production models.
3 FAW heavy AMT transmission
     In December 2008, equipped with five independently developed by the liberation of AMT transmission J5P 6x4 tractor, in front of the FAW Group Corporation Technology Center delivered to users. And different from other car firms, the FAW J5P 6x4 tractors are equipped with AMT transmission, its transmission and electronic control agencies, independent research and development are FAW. It is reported that the AMT system FAW R & D targeted at high-end heavy-duty highway commercial vehicles, but in the later observation, the liberation of cars with AMT transmission is rare.
4 Dongfeng DF14S AMT transmission
    Dongfeng Motor Show in Shanghai this year, a change in the past ZF automatic transmission equipped with the practice in the new facelift on Dongfeng, Dongfeng DF14S AMT equipped with a transmission. Following the liberation, Dongfeng the assembly AMT transmission, its transmission and engine electronic control gear institutions, independent research and development for the east.

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