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How to calculate diesel generator fuel consumption ?

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User prior to purchase diesel generator diesel power units will budget the costs and the use of cost, there is a world reference fuel consumption is tense conditions. I will introduce below how each strategy to the diesel generator fuel consumption.

Diesel generator fuel consumption strategy essentials
Because each brand of diesel fuel consumption rate is not the same, it is difficult to have a unified argument. As usual in terms of fuel consumption of diesel generator sets with the following two factors:
First, the rate of fuel chop funeral, all brand diesel generator sets, the difference in oil chop funeral;
Second, the size of the load power, load big big fuel throttle on a little bigger, a relatively small fuel load also small.

Diesel generator fuel consumption strategy unit conversion formula:

1L (L) = 1000ML (ml)
1L (l) = 1 liter
1KW (kW) = 1000W (watts)
1KG (kg) = 1000G (g) = 1L (liters)
1G (g) = 0.001L (L)

Note: to be in similar proportion of the premise, the proportion of water and diesel fuel is about one liter of diesel 1:0.84-0.86 Yishi equal 0.84-0.86 kg, 1L = 0.85KG up and down.

     Manufacturers of diesel ggenerator set parameters of most of the city with the use of G / KW.H, which means that consumption of one kilowatt one hour how many grams of oil, then replace the number of liters of this unit you immediately understand how many liters of oil consumption, so you can understand how much money to spend one hour; manufacturers have direct reports l / H, that is one hour how many liters of fuel meant.

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